Welcome Letter


I’d like to welcome you to the P.O.C.K.L.E. Project. Many years go, when I was just a young and inexperienced Queer I found the Kink and Leather communities. At the time and for many years thereafter, I didn’t find myself around many people of colour. It was only in my later years that I discovered the BIPOC communities in Kink and Leather and began to learn about their rich histories. Over time, I saw a rise in representation in Leadership, in the Titleholder Community, and the General populaces in our subcultures overall. I am happy and hopeful and empowered about the future generations of the BIPOC kink and leather communities. And, I want to leave behind an opportunities to learn about our ancestors while carving individual paths of your own. Thusly, the P.O.C.K.L.E Project is now born.

The People of Colour Kink and Leather Experience is a multi-year labour of love in the making. In its archives you’ll find information on people, contests, conferences, and other multi-media materials that are either specifically referencing, created by, produced, and/or held by a person of colour. There will be articles, videos, interviews, audio recordings, and other  resources that will divulge the Past, Present, and Future of our community. The P.O.C.K.L.E Project will be an ongoing, frequently updated projected on The Who, what, when, and where of our BIPOC Kink and Leather Subcultures.

I hope you enjoy the long lasting, empowering ride for years to come.


Tyesha Best

Executive Curator and Founder, POCKLE