The Mission of POCKLE- People of Color Kink and Leather Experience is to provide a space and financial support for digital archiving, educational events, and social experiences that center BIPOC people in alternative sex cultures.

The Purpose of POCKLE- People of Color Kink and Leather Experience is to Empower, Educate, and Exalt BIPOC persons and entities that exist in the Kink and Leather alternative sex cultures.

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There is a need to give those who are POC their own space and visibility within the Leather Culture without physical boundaries. POCKLE is an online project solely dedicated to the gathering and conservation of the Culture and History of POC Leather and Kink. The main purpose of the POCKLE Project is to center Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous perspectives within the Leather Culture by creating an online historical and social resource center for interested persons. Our mission is to collect stories and symbolic materials from individuals to archive and share. POCKLE will identify and preserve items and interview those organizations, clubs and individuals who identify with the BIPOC and greater POC Kink and Leather Culture. Learn More About Us.

We are currently fundraising and building our resource library, so watch this space for updates.

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