What is Your Scene Name? Miss Kitty
City and State of residence? Des Moines Iowa
Region of Residence? Midwest
What are your pronouns? She/her/hers
What is your gender Identity? Transwoman
What is your sexual identity? Queer
What is are your racial identities? African American
What is/are your ethnicities? (Culture, nationality, ancestry, language) French Creole
How did you first get into Leather and/or Kink? Online
Give a Brief Description of your entrance into Leather and/or Kink Hosting a jock auction
What was your local scene like when you were starting? How is it now, by comparison? There wasn’t a space for femmes and I did not see any Trans Women at all
Who’s the most influential Black person. In your life and why? My father. He has accepted all of me with open arms
What book have you read that influenced your life and why? The Color Purple. Because it taught me to keep going even when others want to tear you down
Talk about one of your favorite experiences in your local Kink and/or Leather Community. Winning Ms Iowa Leather
Do you have a favorite mantra or quote? If so, please share. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But I’m someone’s glass of champagne
Name of Clubs you have been a part of? (Please also notate duration, leadership positions if any, and membership levels) Imperial Court of Chicago- Empress 3,7,8
Are you a founding member of any club(s)? No
If you answered yes to previous question please list club(s), or write n/a. N/a
Are you a founding member of any organization? No
If you answered yes to previous question please list organization(s), or write n/a. N/a
Were there any other Black leather folks around in the leather scene when you came into the scene/community? Yes
If so, did you find that you gravitated more towards each other? If not, how did this affect your experience? Did you build your own community? Say more about your experience. You always find yourself going to people who look like you so you can find common experience
Do you think being Black has hampered your experience in the leather/kink community at all? Maybe
If it has, what kind of things did you do to try and remedy those issues? If it hasn’t, please describe. I cannot change my Blackness so you simply have to accept it.
Is there a specific instance where you feel your Blackness enhanced your experience in Leather? Yes
If you answered “yes” or “maybe” please explain. I’m the third Black Woman to Win Iowa Leather having the people and the support I did made it easier
What is a specific challenge you had coming up in Leather that was unrelated to race/ethnicity? I’m Trans nothing else left to say
How do you find you’re treated in the Leather community vs. the greater LGBT community? I am treated well. I established myself as an entertainer in the Leather community so I think in making my own space people know I’m not taking any crap
Do you feel that the leather community and embracing blackness has a positive outlook? Yes
Please explain your previous response. There is a huge wave of Blackness that stands right in front so you have no choice but to accept it
What advice would you give to newcomers in the Leather scene who are Black? Be yourself
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