Black Leather Pride Enamel Pin


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We’d like to unveil the Black Leather Pride Flag! As to the reason of creating this flag, we’d like to share what Designer, Tyesha Nicole Best said on their Facebook page:
“Because Black Lives Matter. Always. Even in Leather Culture. And we are NOT going ANYWHERE.
Designed by Tyesha Nicole Best. Created by Hunter Rook.
This flag was designed by a Black Leather person specifically for Black Leather People, inspired by the Pan-African Pride Flag and the Leather Pride Flag. You can’t erase our history and our influence in Leather or Kink.
In a time where violent erasure of our existence continues, especially by Law Enforcement, there is no way our Pride of being Black will EVER go away.”
Profits from initial runs of merchandise created and sold by me specifically will be sent to Carter/Johnson Leather Library. The Black Dollar will stay in the Black Community.

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