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Hello everyone!!! Updates: $200 was sent via PayPal to the Carter/Johnson Leather Library Seattle Annex! Thanks for continuing to contribute! Check out: www.pockle.org/shop You'll see we have added more items that became available to us!!! If you have ordered the following: pin, fan, patch- These orders will begin to be mailed out THIS SATURDAY Aug 8th! So you have until then to finish PRE-ORDERS before they are mailed out. We are becoming overwhelmed with orders needing to go out that...

#Tebias #POCKLENEWS Who Said Black Lives Don't Matter?As the streets of the United States, Europe and abroad echo the sentiments that Black Lives Matter, the entire world listens. Finally they listen to a voice that has been screaming for 400 years to be freed. The voices of children such as Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin to Ahmaud Arbery to now George...

From Community member, Shaan Lashun: “BLACK MASC-OF-CENTER SWERS! I'm facilitating a chat today on how folks are surviving the pandemic, protests, and uncertainty. Open discussion, but we'll def be touching on mental health, resources, etc. . . This space is for current and former masc-identified/working (studs, bois, butches, trans and cis men, etc) providers ONLY. No allies. Non-Black people are welcomed to join with respect to the nature of the discussion. . . Free. TODAY @ 6P CST. Register here:...

We are adding a lot more content this month!!! Check out http://pockle.org/resources/ periodically to see more! #POCKLENEWS Resources - People of Color Kink & Leather ExperienceJune 10, 2020 Black History Miss Kitty What is Your Scene Name? Miss Kitty City and State of residence? Des Moines Iowa Region of Residence? Midwest What are your pronouns? She/her/hers What is your gender Identity? Transwoman What is your sexual identity? Queer What is are your racial identities...