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President of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) from 1973 until his death in 1983 #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth Poster created by Mama Vi and Provided Courtesy of the Carter-Johnson Library and Collection https://www.facebook.com/2135170893272180/posts/3462006297255293...

Remember that one time when we had a bunch of ya'll fill out the Black Kink and Leather History Month Profile form for POCKLE? Remember when COVID-19 happened and things had to pause? Well we are happy to announce that we've begun uploading profiles: http://pockle.org/category/pockleblackhistorymonth/ Check out all the beautiful Black folk who took the time to carefully shout who they are and what they stand for! ...

West Point Black Female Cadets #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth Black female cadets make history at West Point34 black female cadets are part of the most diverse graduating class in West Point’s history — but out of a class of more than 900 students, they make up less than 4 percent. https://www.facebook.com/2135170893272180/posts/2584201778369087...

#POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth I would like to take a brief break from just posting pictures to post some info of the research I’ve done of the work Mr Vern Stewart has done. Below you will find links (some of them retrieved via the wayback machine) of writings and articles of Vern Stewart! Please enjoy the memories and snapshots he left behind.- Tyesha Best, Owner and President of POCKLE Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBq0VSKAOzI (Vern Stewart video tribute) Vern Stewart Leather Archives & Museum Fireside...

Ms. Java #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/2XBOcgXbuQ POCKLE on Twitter“Ms. Java #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth” https://www.facebook.com/2135170893272180/posts/2541382082651057...

The Ladies' Tea and Rhetoric Society Black Leather in Color #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/RnX3PGt9yj POCKLE on Twitter“The Ladies' Tea and Rhetoric Society Black Leather in Color #POCKLEBlackHistoryMonth” https://www.facebook.com/2135170893272180/posts/2541378449318087...