Roll out the RED CARPET. Introducing Judy Tallwing McCarthey.

This Apache/Tewa & African American, Artist, Activist, Leather Dyke, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother; was raised in an Apache encampment at the foot of the Bradshaw Mountains in AZ; trained from her earliest days to become her clan’s matriarch, and educated in Medicine by her Tewa Grandmother. She has dedicated her life standing up against systems of racism, sexism and injustice.

Her activism has focused on the Native American movement and empowering women; access, funding and delivery of drugs during the HIV/AIDS crisis; Executive Director of a domestic violence victims program in DC; animal rescue, and Disaster Relief volunteer. Judy is also an accomplished painter and sculptor, regularly exhibiting her art at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, with some of her art owned by the Heard Museum in Phoenix and the Smithsonian.

Throughout, this humble IMsLL 1987 title holder has remained active in the leather community, mentoring those less experienced, and raising numerous leather kids. Judy’s strong beliefs in the Great Creator and the Spirit of Mother Earth, learned from her grandmother, guide her activism and her actions every day.

Sit in with a grand leather matriarch (dame) as she shares her life experience and helps guide a whole new generation of kinksters.

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