Hello everyone!!!


$200 was sent via PayPal to the Carter/Johnson Leather Library Seattle Annex! Thanks for continuing to contribute!
Check out: www.pockle.org/shop
You'll see we have added more items that became available to us!!!

If you have ordered the following: pin, fan, patch- These orders will begin to be mailed out THIS SATURDAY Aug 8th! So you have until then to finish PRE-ORDERS before they are mailed out.

We are becoming overwhelmed with orders needing to go out that we are looking to send ALL of our product to our drop shipment center to handle. This is beneficial for several reasons. First, this move will allow for our focus to prioritize community development. centered around historical and social awareness of our POC Kink and Leather communities. Second, all of us at POCKLE are VOLUNTEERING our time to create this EXPERIENCE for you. Our income comes from others jobs.

ANYWHO, POCKLECON is still coming together; be on the lookout for updates and registration.

Don't forget to keep sending your photos of us (include the name you wish to be published under) and we will keep the stream of POC sexiness continuous for all the world to see.

xoxo Don't forget to hydrate and take time to be soft and loving to yourself.

Valiantly Yours,



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