Just an update:...

Just an update:
POCKLE has donated over $3338.50 of monies to various organizations and sponsorships since last year including:

1. ASL interpreters
2. Flights to and from events
3. Hotels at events
4. Meals catered by BIPOC persons
5. Artists for Commissions
6. Zoom Accounts
7. Financial help for bills of our community members
8. Other event sponsorships!
9. Paying our BIPOC POCKLE volunteers!

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for your generous donations! We will also be making another donation, this time to Black Lives Matter!

Please know that when we redistribute wealth, we prioritize BIPOC persons, especially those in our Kink and Leather communities.

We are in the process of filing for 501c status and hope to complete that by the end of summer!

We have more launches in the works! Stay tuned!

P.S. We’ve run out of pins! Please note that any pin orders from today moving forward will be listed as a PRE-ORDER as we make another pin purchase. If you have ordered a pin before this date-your pins WILL arrive, however slower because COVID and because Race Riots!

P.P.S. If you would like to DONATE to cover the PIN PURCHASE so we can restock, ’ IN LUCK!

PayPal: Pockleproject@gmail.com


P.P.P.S Save the DATE! POCKLECON Dec 11th-13th!!! A completely virtual conference experience for BIPOC persons ONLY! More info later! #pocklecon
#newsandupdates #pockleevents

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