Resources - People of Color Kink & Leather Experience

Remember that one time when we had a bunch of ya'll fill out the Black Kink and Leather History Month Profile form for POCKLE? Remember when COVID-19 happened and things had to pause?

Well we are happy to announce that we've begun uploading profiles:

Check out all the beautiful Black folk who took the time to carefully shout who they are and what they stand for!

…profiles are being added daily until all are uploaded… Thanks for being a trooper and being so patient! #POCKLE #POCKLEBLACKHISTORY #POCKLEBLACKHISTORYMONTH #BETTERLATETHANNEVER

P.S. Special thanks to Mocha Little for her labor! She is our newest addition to the #TEAMPOCKLE!!! #POCKLE #POCKLEBLACKHISTORY


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